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Two moms who crossed paths at a country concert in Paso Robles, California, quickly discovered an uncanny number of shared interests and experiences. Both had two toddler girls attending the same school, husbands employed by the same company, a deep appreciation for the outdoors and farm animals, and a strong commitment to living a healthy, natural lifestyle.

In the late summer of 2023, while indulging in sourdough crust pizza and sipping wine, they made a life-changing decision to pursue their mutual dream of becoming entrepreneurs. However, they didn't want just any business venture; they wanted to support the talented local creators in their beloved San Luis Obispo county. After brainstorming ideas like gift shops and craft cooperatives, a brilliant realization struck them: they were being called to create an online store that would serve as a convenient source for locals to find their favorite items. This store would cater to busy moms, like themselves, who desired to support local businesses but lacked the time to physically visit multiple shops. And thus, Doorstep Mercantile was born—an online store that brings the cherished products of local mercantiles right to your doorstep.

Our gift boxes are here to satisfy your cravings and introduce you to the best of local goodies. Our team of gifting enthusiasts scour the streets, markets, and festivals to discover the most mouthwatering local delicacies to feature in our boxes. We offer one-time gift boxes but specialize in subscription gift boxes and corporate gifting. Our subscriptions are primarily designed for self-gifting, but they can also make great gifts for your friends. So go ahead, gift away!

There’s something really special about the Central Coast! Whether it's a bottle of small-batch lotion scented with local lavender, a bag of artisanal coffee beans roasted by a passionate local roaster, or a box of decadent handmade caramels crafted by a talented caramelier, we handpick only the finest and most unique treats to surprise you and your palate.

By purchasing a gift box, you not only get to indulge in a variety of delicious treats and locally crafted body care, but also contribute to the growth and sustainability of our local community. We support small businesses and artisans who pour their heart and soul into their creations.

With each purchase, you are directly supporting the livelihoods of these talented individuals and helping to preserve their handcrafted traditions. 

At Doorstep Mercantile, we are all about convenience – we bring the goods to you. It’s hard to find time to stop by all your favorite shops around town regularly and it’s far too easy to hit the easy button and buy online from a mass merchant. We know our boxes will help you achieve your goals of supporting more local shops along the Central Coast. 

Our subscription service is designed to be flexible and hassle-free. You can pause, skip, or cancel anytime, no questions asked. We want to make sure you have the freedom to explore new flavors and scents without any commitment or obligation.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us on this journey and discover the rich talents that your own backyard has to offer. If you're still reading, treat yourself! Subscribe to our email list to be the first to hear about our launch. The sooner the better so you can start enjoying the instant surge of endorphins every time you have a gift box sighting on your doorstep. 


    Our commitment to the Central Coast community and the environment drives us to exclusively select locally made items for our gift boxes, ensuring thoughtful curation and a minimal ecological impact.


    Our team has over a decade of packaging design experience and knows the importance of first impressions. Every box is carefully hand-packed with tasteful design as one of our highest priorities, next to quality products.


    We know your business is unique and you need a box that reflects that. We’re eager to work with you to create a custom box that helps you convert clients or engage with employees, whatever your priority.

Let's Start Corporate Gifting

We understand that everyone's needs are unique. Here, we present three approaches to begin your gifting journey with us. We are flexible and enthusiastic about streamlining your life and enhancing your gifting experience to leave a lasting impression on your employees or clients. Allow us to assist you in achieving this.

We have three standard ways to get started for corporate gifting. 

Why Gift with Doorstep Mercantile?

We care and pay close attention to details. We support local small to medium size businesses. We minimize our environmental footprint and in turn, you can too!  Let’s begin your gifting journey today!

Let's start your corporate gifting journey today

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